The Life of Aunt V

Violet Mosse was born March 10th,1900. She remembers when she saw the first car and an airplane. She can recite a poem that she learned in basic school. She still reads without eye glasses. With a great sense of humor she tells of the life she lived in this remote and rural district in which there was no piped water nor electricity. Back then, the donkey was their only means of transporting goods to market or carried it on their heads to sell so she could provide for her family. Walking from Duanvale to Browns Town and back took two days. Despite the hardship she raised and provided for her children. Aunt V was baptized over a 100 years ago at age 13 in the Trittonvile Baptist church, in the district of Duanvale, Trelawny, the church of which she is still a member today. She assisted the church in the capacities of organist, choir mistress and secretary, for many years until it became time for her to retire.

Until April, 2017, Aunt V could boast that those older cannot speak of having their eldest child living at 95yrs old. She currently lives at home on the same property that her Grand Parents and parents lived on for nearly 200 years. She survived her oldest son Harland Fairweather who passed away in April, 2017.

She was married to Augustus Gaynor Brown the Cemetery Keeper whose job was to document those buried in the Duanvale Cemetery. After his death in 1997 she took over his responsibilities as the record keeper. At her 115th birthday function the Mayor referred to her record keeping as exemplary because this was the responsibility of Parish Council and she actually still has the records of those buried in the cemetery. Her method is still used now by the Parish Council, according to then Councilor Telka Holt.

Aunt V is a post slavery survivor. She worked as a plantation worker cutting cane for her masters, working as a maid in their homes. In later years she owned her own property, cultivated her own sugarcane became an entrepreneur having the only bread depot in the district. She was a music teacher and seamstress for the community. A community worker all her life, she carried shingle on her head from the mountain and neighboring places to assist in the reroofing of The Methodist Church which housed her school with the aid of her classmates after it was damaged in an earthquake in 1939.

Aunt V raised 4 boys Harland Irving Barry and Strickland along with 2 Girls Peggy and Hydelin.

After a long and fulfilled life Aunt V now sits home on her veranda, while she watches the people go by. She entertains her various visitors from all over the world with her stories and laughter while amazing all with her longevity and vitality.